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Dragon Warriors Ep. 05
Episode 05: Battle of the Giants
(As the last school bell ring, all of the students get out of the building. Couple of them gets on the bus to go home; couples of them are walking home. While everyone is going home, Brick, Nina, and Madison are walking home together. Nina is looking at her math test on her grade, and it’s as usual.)
Nina: ... Man my parents are going to kill me for failing the math & science test, as always... Well on the plus side, it’s actually a D+ this time. (Smiles a little.)
Madison: You did improve a little Nina. Kinda impress.
Nina: What do you mean "impress". You only got a C-, and Brick gets a B+
Brick: Hey! It's a solid B+.
Later at Food Busters
Nina: (Looks at her grades.) How am I supposed to get a cellphone, when I get such bad grades?
Madison: I think a D+ is kinda enough for now Nina.
Nina: A D+ is not going to please my parents.
Brick: I'm sure your parents will understa-- (Suddenly, Brick's cellphone starts to ring.) Hang on. (Answers) Hel
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Marcon 2013 2 by MorganLing Marcon 2013 2 :iconmorganling:MorganLing 1 0 Marcon 2013 1 by MorganLing Marcon 2013 1 :iconmorganling:MorganLing 0 0
Dragon Warriors Ep. 04
Episode 04: Fire and Thunder Have Nothing In Common
Nina's House
(Nina is still thinking about Dylan still not joining the team. Flashback plays.)
Nina: Why don't you want to join us? together we can beat our enemies and --
Dylan: Sorry, but I don't want to be part of this little project.
Brick: What? But you're one of us, you can't just--
(Dylan changes back to himself. He remove the yellow gem that is on his bracelet and throws it at Nina. Nina caught it. Dilan turns and walks away.)
Dylan: Later.
(Dylan walks out away from Brick and Nina.)
Brick: Grrrrrrgh, that jerk.
Madison: (Walks up to Nina and comforts her) I'm sorry Nina...
(Flashback ended.)
Nina: (Thinking) Dylan, why do you have to do that? Why do you not want to join us? (Nina is still holding Dylan's yellow gem.)
Grand Palace
Shinozu: Kyosan, you may fail me the third time.
Kyosan: Master Shinozu, I deepest apology and--
Shinozu: Silence! I this realize that this doesn't work for you. Maybe I--
Kyosan: No my master, give
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Dragon Warriors Ep. 03
Episode 03: Dragon of Thunder
Grand Palace
(Shinozu was furious at Kyosan for failing twice on getting the human life force and getting beaten by the Dragon Warriors (Red and now white.) twice in a row.)
Shinozu: You fail me twice Kyosan. You have not get the life force from the humans.
Kyosan: Do not worried about it Master Shinozu, I am still planning on getting a lot of life force.
Shinozu: You better be. If you fail me again, I promise you it will be far worst than you think.
Kyosan: I understand master.
(Kyosan teleport out of the throne room.)
Shinozu: (Thinking) So he has another comrade on his side. We have to stop him soon before we get enough human lifeforce to revive our king.
Outside the Palace
(Kyosan is angry that the Dragon Warriors defeat him twice.)
Kyosan: Dragon Warriors, who the heck are they?
(Kyosan hears someone chuckled. But the person is hiding in the shadow.)
???: Awww, did someone got yelled by Master Shinozu?
Kyosan: Silence!
???: Whoa there buddy, you don't
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Dragon Warriors Ep. 02
Episode 02: The Winds of Friendship
Grand Palace
(In the throne room, Shinozu is preparing some-kind of ritual. He has a box contain nothing but clay. As he sets it down, he breaks a piece of it, and starts making something.)
Shinozu: (Calling.) Kyosan!
(Kyosan appears as Shinozu summons him)
Kyosan: (Bows) I am here Master.
Shinozu: (Focusing on making a person.) The time has come to put our attempt into fruition.
Kyosan: Of course Master. After the incident with the Dragon Warrior, we have lost the human life-force, and we are back to square one.
Shinozu: Yes, I'm aware of it. (Finally finishes making a clay doll, that has the appearance of a woman, with cross symbol on her hat.) Done. (Then he makes the clay doll floats in the air, as a dark magic circle appears between the throne, and the entrance.) As you know that Octa-Arms was created by my magic, and my clay molding skills. Now since he was destroy, I suppose that I can make more at my disposal...
(The clay doll has now place a
:iconmorganling:MorganLing 1 1
Dragon Warriors Ep. 01
Long ago, in ancient times, an ultimate pure-hearten being known as the Dragon of Light, he is known as the bringer of peace and harmony to the people of this world those respect to him. But one day, a powerful warlord, who is a being of terror, who wants to destroy him to satisfy his thirst for war and blood. The Dragon of Light took upon this evil. But he used his greatest power which caused him to sacrifice his life to destroy the evil one and end the war. But his spirit lives on and split several of his powers and scattered across the world until the one who is born shall receive part of his power and become the new hope for the world known as...........Dragon Warriors. Now our story has begun.
Episode 01: Heart of Fire
1,000 years later
*In a forest, a girl with long hair and in a pretty dress is running from an evil man with a very creepy arm and wearing a cloak, but she went to a dead end. The evil man is about to grab the beautiful girl, she screams in terror. Then a shine of l
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Teddie Look-a-Like TF Episode
Tommy is a boy who has a big thing for bears, a lot. When he was just been young, he always wanted a teddy bear for his third birthday. Ever since then, he has grown too much love for bears. For a pass few years, Tommy is now 13 years old, and he now has all of his teddy bears locked in at crates. Now sad that he has to grow up sometimes, Tommy did really want to be a kid for a few more years. But growing up is pretty tough.
Then a knock on a door was heard at Tommy's front door, so he went upstairs to check who's at the door. As he opened the door, there was no one there. Then, he notices a package on the pouch, "Huh, who the heck would send me something?" He said to himself. He picked up the package, and close the door behind him. As he heads down back to his room, Tommy set the package down on his bed. That is where he notices that there's a note on the package. Tommy takes it and opens the letter and reads it, "Hello there Thomas, I know I'm going to regret this, but I notices that
:iconmorganling:MorganLing 6 10
FRPG Monster 03: Timebomber by MorganLing FRPG Monster 03: Timebomber :iconmorganling:MorganLing 1 0 My Neice's Storyboard by MorganLing My Neice's Storyboard :iconmorganling:MorganLing 0 3 Me and Cammy Hugging by MorganLing Me and Cammy Hugging :iconmorganling:MorganLing 16 12
Secret Santa 2011: Browntown747
I was just living in a normal and boring life I ever live... That is all going to change. How, you ask? Well, let me explain this whole story.
It all started like last week during spring break, I decide to go to the forest from the back of my house, just to explore here. I like going to the forest because it's very interesting out here. I always spend time there, everyday after school, incase I have nothing to do at home, like TV or video games, and stuff. I think it's because of some of it interesting things to see and discover, like the plants, the bugs, the animals, you name it.
It was kinda awesome, but until then I notice something very oddly. I walk towards it and I examine it. It turns out to be some ordinary palmate leaf with three prongs. It was kinda weird for me to see one of these leaves around these parts. I decide to pick up and examine it more. Then suddenly after I pick it up, the leaf starts to glow bright. I shield my eyes during that happen. The leaf was brightening
:iconmorganling:MorganLing 1 2
Anthro Dog Years
You know how Humans Years is one year, and Dog Years is seven. So try using multiplication and the combine years will be really something interesting. An Anthro wolf has the same effect.
Example, let's say I'm 19 years old, in anthro dog years, I'm actually 134, and I have seven years til I turn 20.
Ages------Age of what actually looks like during that.
000-007 = 00
008-014 = 01
015-021 = 02
020-028 = 03
029-035 = 04
036-042 = 05
043-049 = 06
050-056 = 07
057-063 = 08
064-070 = 09
070-077 = 10
077-084 = 11
085-091 = 12
092-098 = 13
099-105 = 14
106-112 = 15
113-119 = 16
120-126 = 17
127-133 = 18
134-140 = 19
141-147 = 20
148-154 = 21
155-161 = 22
162-168 = 23
169-175 = 24
176-182 = 25
183-189 = 26
190-196 = 27
197-203 = 28
204-210 = 29
211-217 = 30
218-224 = 31
225-231 = 32
232-238 = 33
239-245 = 34
246-252 = 35
253-259 = 36
260-266 = 37
267-273 = 38
274-280 = 39
281-287 = 40
288-294 = 41
295-301 = 42
302-308 = 43
309-315 = 44
316-322 = 45
323-329 = 46
350-336 = 47
357-343 = 48
:iconmorganling:MorganLing 0 3
Cam's Anthro H-C Mix Puppy by MorganLing Cam's Anthro H-C Mix Puppy :iconmorganling:MorganLing 2 9
This is my stuff. I guessing you guys thinks it look bad, but it fine. I try my best to work hard. Also I feel like I deceive some appreciation from you guys.

Random Favourites

5 team police by panjityas 5 team police :iconpanjityas:panjityas 31 1 Bloodied Garnet 8.13 by Reagan700 Bloodied Garnet 8.13 :iconreagan700:Reagan700 18 2 Comission: Lucario TF gloves by Avianine Comission: Lucario TF gloves :iconavianine:Avianine 95 15 Bancho by icelucario Bancho :iconicelucario:icelucario 37 19 Dino men by akiba80 Dino men :iconakiba80:akiba80 202 25 Incineroar beefy by husky50 Incineroar beefy :iconhusky50:husky50 251 57 Mexican dog ver 2 by husky50 Mexican dog ver 2 :iconhusky50:husky50 64 20 Mexican dog by husky50 Mexican dog :iconhusky50:husky50 105 47 Riolu TF by Avianine Riolu TF :iconavianine:Avianine 57 6 Bloodied Garnet 8.12 by Reagan700 Bloodied Garnet 8.12 :iconreagan700:Reagan700 14 2 Roughraff Annoyed base by Nikko-Kai-Cutie Roughraff Annoyed base :iconnikko-kai-cutie:Nikko-Kai-Cutie 12 16 Roughraff Base 2 by VetorHuskySamuria Roughraff Base 2 :iconvetorhuskysamuria:VetorHuskySamuria 6 5 Godzilla is #1 by Mr-Stot Godzilla is #1 :iconmr-stot:Mr-Stot 658 74 Comic: Fat Godzilla by nakanoart Comic: Fat Godzilla :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 773 128 Bloodied Garnet 8.11 by Reagan700 Bloodied Garnet 8.11 :iconreagan700:Reagan700 16 3 Bloodied Garnet 8.10 by Reagan700 Bloodied Garnet 8.10 :iconreagan700:Reagan700 15 2


TF Story
This is where you can pay me for the commish you ask me. BTW, all I can do is write, and not good at drawing at all. So that's something someone should know.

All requests are for friends only. (No acceptions)

Rules: No human to human TF. It can anything, but as long as it's someone I'm familiar from TV shows, movies, anime, and video games that I know of.

Effects Accept: MC, AP, AR, WG, MG, Clone, and PC (Personality Change. I think is something I just suddenly made up, where you'll might still be you, but you will the personalities of the character you get TF into. If there is something that actually existed that is the same effect, sorry about that.)

I can do 18+ as well, if you want me too.

And yes folks, I don't do TGs.

Limited Slots: 5
Limited Request Slot: 2
Collab TF Story
This is where I would collab for someone who commished me. Cost half of the points you'll pay me, in exchange, you will help me out right the TF story that you commished.

Limited Slot: 1

For doing a collab commission:

Update: New page for chatting, as well as writing, and editing your collab commission. X3


Yeah, I know there are a lot of people who do these things for their birthday. So I thought I might as well try it. X3 And yes, today is my birthday, and I'll might have fun with it. And Happy Birthday to me. X3


1. TF me into something I will be familiar with.
(Example: I'm mostly familiar with Meow from Space Dandy, Fat Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z, Roughraff from Yo-kai Watch, and so on. for more, look up at my Top 15 Characters I want to TF into for it.)

2. Yes to MC, AP, AR, WG, MG, Clone, and Personality Change. And no to TG.

3. Mature is allowed. But only in notes.
  • Listening to: N/A
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  • Watching: N/A
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  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Hey guys, just want to spread the word people. My close friend that I met on FA has opened a commission here on dA, as well as FA. if submitted on FA as well. So please people, go to his account and tell him your idea, and give him money as well.... Lots and lots of money. X3

Kageichi's Story Commissions Open by Tanukiforever
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  • Watching: TBBT
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  • Eating: Pizza and Breadsticks
  • Drinking: Soda
Yeah, I thought of an idea for having a Fairy Tale stories in a style of Pokemon. With the Pokemon as the characters of the fairy tale stories. You guys thinks that's a good idea? I do, cuz I was watching a clip of a Family Guy episode where Peter reads Stewie three Grimm Fairy Tales story. So I thought it'll might be a fun idea. X3
  • Listening to: N/A
  • Reading: N/A
  • Watching: Congo
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: Doritos
  • Drinking: Water
Yeah... It's been awhile, since I wrote a story, and I haven't done much. And I didn't get commished by most people, and I have to close it, because I have a writer's block issue. However, I did got over it for a while, but I do have a problems writing out a story for it. ^^; So yeah, I want to talk about my plans for the commission for a TF story... Well, I have two kinds of commissions for it.

1. Normal TF Story Commission.
Cost: 40
This is where I do a normal commission. You will have to give me details on your commission. The limit of slots is 5.

2. Collab TF Story Commission.
Cost: 20 Points
This is where I do a TF Story with someone who pays the commission to me. One rule of the Collab TF Stories Commission is that you will have to do the story with me. In other words, you pay half of the cost of the Normal TF Story, and exchange, you will help me out with writing out the story. No details on collab TF Story, but as long if we try to work out  I know you guys will think that this sounds like a dumb deal, but I'm this is something I just thought randomly. I have created a chatoom for when we do a Collab on your TF Story. Collab Commsion is worth 1 slot.

Rules and Effects will be in the commission info.

As for requests, well I decided that I Requests will be for friends only. Sorry Watchers, we don't know each that much, but we do spend time for quite a moment. The limit of requests are 2 slots only.

Well that's all I have to talk about. So if you ever want to either pay me to write you a TF Story, or want to Collab with me on your TF Story, feel free. So I'll see you all around
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  • Eating: Pumpkin Taco... Eh, fuck it.
Derob.... Derob.... Derob!.... DEROB!!! DEROB!!!!


MorganLing has started a donation pool!
1,565 / 30,000
Yeah, I having a abit of a donation cause I need points to buy the Premium Membership. Sorry for a lot of points that I needed, I just want to use to for five years. If you don't want to do it, it's up to you. Sorry for the changes, I realize I need to pay cash for commission, big disappoint. Yeah, I hate changing it. It's becoming annoying as heck can be.

You must be logged in to donate.
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Morgan Hoskins
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm MorganLing and THIS.....IS.....MY PROFILE!!!!! XD

Name: Morgan H.

Nickname on username: Morgan, The TF Lord

Likes: Food, Fun, water, Video games, dragons, TF's (Transformation), Anthros, Stories with happy ending, etc.

Dislikes: Evil things, uncensored nudity on women, teasing (Not funny to me man cuz I take things to serious most of the time. -_-), me getting angry (sometimes getting angry over nothing.), racism (Which includes racist people), Conway Twitty (His songs are now annoying the heck out of me.), commercials (Bored me for a couple of minutes.), Horror Movies (Yeah, I will scream at some parts. But if you guys are around me, you would image how tick you will be), etc.

Religion: Christian

Favourite Food: Pizza, French Fries, Chicken, White Rice, and anything else I can eat.

Foods I dislike: Lasagna, Fish, Pie, seafood, Cooked Brocolli, and Others I don't eat.

Favorite TV Shows I like: Super Sentai Series/Power Rangers Series, Ben 10 Series, Kamen Rider Series, Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure (Yes, I watch Magical Girl series, so do most other men.), Littlest Pet Shop (I find that show pretty cute. Plus Russel), Doctor Who, Touchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventure, The Jeff Dunham Show, The Big Bang Theory, Robot Chicken, Digimon, Deltora Quest, Jimmy Neutron, Drawn Together, Fairy Tail, Doraemon, Dragon Ball Series, Animaniacs (But mostly all of the Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Segments. X3), etc.

TV Shows I dislike: Law and Order Series (There is no happy ending), The X-Files (That show is really scary, and I had heard part of the full version of the theme song, but stopped halfway...), Pupa (Cuz that anime is just sick to the stomach and the bones...), The Boondocks, Beavis and Butthead/King of the Hill, and others I can think of.

Favorite Movies: The Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Austin Powers, The Drawn Together Movie, Looney Tunes Back in Action, Summer Wars, Castle in the Sky, The Little Mermaid (I blame it on my childhood...), Alice in Wonderland (The classic one, not the new one.), Scary Movie Series, etc.

Movies that I hate: Evil Dead, Foodfight, Pirates 3, etc.

Game Consoles that I owned: PlayStation, PS2, PS3, Nintendo64, Gamecube, Wii, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS (Lite and DSi XL), PSP, 3DS XL

Favorite Games: Super Smash Bros. Series, Final Fantasy Series, RPG Games (That Square/Squaresoft/SquareEnix makes, or any other gaming company), Megaman Battle Network Series, Megaman Starforce Series, Kingdom Hearts Series, Sonic the Hedgehog, League of Legends, and others I can think of.

Video Games I dislike: Final Fantasy Tactics Series (That game was hard.), Jak and Daxter Series, Viewtiful Joe, and more will come if I can think of it.

Favorite character: Ben 10, Ling-Ling, Lucario, Grovyle, Vaporeon, Tails, Majin Buu (Mostly the Fat one, and the muscular one.), Lord Beerus (Hail Lord Beerus, the Great God of Destruction!), Jon Talbain, 9/115 character in LOL (Includes, Alistar, Blitzcrack, Fizz (Cute), Galio, Nasus, Teemo, Warick, and Wukong), The Moogles (FFTA Version), Cait Sith (FF7 Version), Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, Roughraff, and others. X3

Crushed Characters: Zac, Meow, Wolfrun, Teddie, Mega Swampert, Roughraff, and more if I have a fan crush on it.
Note: This Update, I introduce to Crushed Characters. And no, it doesn't mean I want the characters to be crushed. It means that I really love the characters in a very... Fan Crush. X\\\3

Favorite style of art: Anime, Anthro, Manga, Cartoon

Wants to watch
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Pretty Cure Splash Star
Yes! Pretty Cure 5! (Just watched Ep. 1-7)
Yes! Pretty Cure 5! GoGo! (Watched Ep. 1-2)
Black Butler
Squid Girl
The Eccentric Family
Digimon Adventure
Android Kikaider (Live-Action, 1972)
Android Kikaider 01 (Live-Action, 1973)
Mechanical Violator Hakaider

Still Watching
Blue Excorist
Android Kikaider Animation

Wants to finish watching
Futari Pretty Cure (Ep. 34-49)
Fresh Pretty Cure (Ep. 27-50)
Heartcatch Pretty Cure (Ep. 5-49)
Smile Pretty Cure (8-48)
Fairy Tail (Ep. 25-108)

Wants to read
Sailor Moon Vol. 11-12
Blue Exorcist Vol. 11 - So on
Black Butler Vol. 5 - 14

Wants to finish reading
All caught up.

Other Related Sites
Furaffinity:… and
New Website

(Note: This Profile will soon be updated.)

Artist that I like on DeviantArt:
SwichWitch aka InuebonyDarkHaven
clashmecha (His series are awesome. :D)
pokemonmanic3595 (His Pokéumans Series are awesome as well.)
And others I can think of.

(Note: This Profile will soon be updated.)

Current Residence: Mount Vernon, Ohio
deviantWEAR sizing preference: None
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Orchestra, Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime, Anthro, Manga, Cartoon
Operating System: A working one (Or Toshiba)
MP3 player of choice: A working one
Wallpaper of choice: Red
Skin of choice: Green

Personal Quote: All hail the TF Lord! XD

Give me dA Point for premium or spending on point commissions…

My birthday badge


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